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Wade Lay was first in line to be executed in 2022.

Wade was on death row for killing a 36 yr old security officer by the name of Kenneth Anderson in an attempted robbery. This crime happened in 2004 and he was sentenced to death in 2005.

His execution date was scheduled for January 6th 2022, but a Pittsburg County judge agreed with his lawyer on an appeal point that stated he was not competent to stand trial but the trial commenced anyway.

On November 29th of this year, a judge ordered a competency trial and a doctor said that Wade lacked rational understanding of the reason on why he was being executed. When he is asked, he rambles on about the Bible and never gives a clear answer. Because of the doctors report, the judge felt the need to order the stay of execution.

There is going to be another trial where his competence will be brought up. Until then... Wade will not be the first to be executed in 2022.

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Neva York
Neva York
Jan 05, 2022

But he was rational enough to plan out a robbery? He planned enough to bring a gun. he was prepared to kill to rob the place. i don't think i agree with this one.


Since a doctor deemed him incompetent, do you think he will be taken off of death row? I did tell the story of Marlin Joseph who was found incompetent to stand trial but a different doctor deemed him competent. What if that happens? What if prosecutors can say he was competent during trial, it doesn't matter if he's no longer competent. Thats like someone being on death row for 40 yrs and by the time it's time for them to be executed, they have dementia. Of course they won't be competent and understand why they are being executed in that moment. What should happen?

inspector gadget
inspector gadget
Jan 01, 2022
Replying to

first off the justice system needs to be over hauled and stop wasting tax payers money by taking care of them for 15+ years when they are put to death it shouldn't take years for appeals to go thru and all on taxpayers money if the government stopped giving handouts per inmate as an incentive per year aka 86,500 a year per inmate then maybe it wouldn't take so long for their executions to happen tax payers shouldn't foot the bill for criminals like they do do you see tax payers paying to take care of the elderly in nursing homes hell no it's all paid for by said person in a nursing home so getting back to the matte…

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