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(UPDATE) Clinton Young Released From Death Row

Back in 2003, Clinton Young was convicted of two capital murder charges. He always expressed his innocence but despite his cries, he spent over 20 years on Texas' death row.

Now, in the year 2022, Clinton has been released from death row/prison on a 150 thousand dollar bond.


Well, information was brought to light that the prosecutor during his trial worked for the judge! The judge presiding over his case Judge John Hyde is now dead, but he paid prosecutor Weldon Ralph Petty as a judicial clerk.

Over the years, there was missing evidence and inconsistencies in testimonies.

After his case gained national attention, the appeals court decided to take a closer look into the case. In April 2021, judge Sid Harle ruled that Clinton did not have a fair trial and deserves a retrial. If Clinton could come up with the 150 thousand dollar bail, he would be able to live in the outside word until his trial began. He was transferred from death row to a regular prison and due to crowdfunding raising all of his bail money, he was able to leave prison and live life temporarily as a free man.

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Neva York
Neva York
Jan 23, 2022

I hope he finds the justice that was denied him and those that wronged him are punished. With all the technology today, surely there will be something that will ensure they have the right man.

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