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Oldest Man on Death Row Set to Die-Carl Wayne Buntion

Carl Wayne Buntion is 77 years old and he has been on Texas' death row for over 30 years.

Today on January 4th 2022, a judge scheduled Carl's execution for April 21, 2022.


Back in 1990, Carl was released from prison and put on parole. He was free for 6 weeks and was pulled over on a routine traffic stop by Houston police officer James Irby. Carl was actually the passenger but not wanting to go back to prison, he fatally shot officer Irby in the head.

Carl was sentenced to death in 1991 and in 2009 after an appeal, the Texas Court vacated his death sentence. After a new trial, a jury sentenced him to death again in 2012 and he has been on death row ( a lot of years spent in solitary confinement) ever since.

Is it still worth it to kill an 80 yr old? Is it still justice when an execution takes over 30 years?

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